Sweet Owen Country Store History

This had been a country grocery since the 1930’s through 1983 where it was then turned into a residence. It stayed as a residence until 2005 when it was purchased by a local family who was going to remodel it into a rental property. Then my wife found out about this property and wanted to pursue her dream of owning a country store and have home cooked meals.

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This was the perfect place she said. I had my doubts as I have seen “Mom & Pop" stores slowly closing across the United States every day. Long story short my wife did all the negotiating and we purchased this in 2006 and had a lot of work ahead of us to get it where it is today.

I told my wife we can not have a country store without a potbelly stove for folks to sit around. Well, one day before we even started the remodel of our future business we went to an auction and there was a huge old rusted potbelly stove and I knew that was the one for our store. It must have been faith because I won the bid and as I was in line to pay for the stove an older gentleman ( it was his farm auction) ask me what I was going to do with the old stove. I told him we purchased the old Sweet Owen Grocery and was going to bring it back to a country store…….he slapped his leg and said “sonny, that’s where it came from back in 1983” .

Turns out he had bought it from the store when it closed back in 1983 and put it in his tobacco barn! What about those odds! We went to this auction and didn’t even know about the potbelly stove and we win the bid and bring it back home after 23 years. It still amazes me how this stove found its way back home. The stove is our main source of heat in the winter and there sure is a lot of coffee and gossip enjoyed in the rockers around that old stove today.

We opened June 9, 2009 and added the Gun Shop addition in March 2010. So come on in and enjoy a piece of history, we’ll be glad to see ya.

Sweet Owen Country Gun Shop Is a Gun Store in Kentucky.  We are a gun shop in Owenton Kentucky.

Who we are

Sweet Owen Country Store and Gun Shop is a family owned and operated business by Tom and Reggie Taggart and managed by Summer Moore and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Whether you’re here to purchase a Firearm, enjoy a fine country cooked meal or just enjoy a step back in time of country stores that seem to be a thing of the past. You will be greeted by friendly staff that will make you feel at home for your shopping pleasure.  

Sweet Owen Country Store sales primitive decor in Kentucky.  We are located in Owenton Kentucky.

What we do

Built from a passion of guns, outdoors, and country living and the desire to serve our community and surrounding towns we specialize in a fine display of modern Firearms of all kinds as well as a good selection of ammo and accessories in our gun shop addition. Sweet Owen Country Store also has a full menu of country cooking to offer including daily specials and home made desserts. Our store carries Kentucky made jellies, jams, honey, BBQ sauce, salsa, jumbalya and sorghum.  Sweet Owen Country Store sells antiques along with a full line of Candleberry candles, crafts, country primitive decor and locally made fragrant soaps.  A great place for everyone to shop or to stop in and grab a bite to eat.

127 Yard sale

We have built a following of repeat customers at the annual 127 yard sale and we will continue to have our huge Gun Booth" set up with over 75 firearms on display as well as a "Food Booth" at this years sale. Please stop in a see us! Location is 4410 Hwy 127N, New Liberty, KY 40359.